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“Who did this?” Probably Adam Padilla.

Part brand strategist, part creative director, and part disruptive social media personality, Adam’s handiwork is truly embedded in today’s popular culture.

Yes, he designed 5X champ Tom Brady’s official TB12 logo  and yes, he spawned the infamous Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset on his popular Instagram account…but Adam Padilla does not rest on laurels. “You have to display creativity at every opportunity” Adam says, “and you have to create something every single day to create traction. Inspired or not, you have to keep creating.”

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Adam’s Blog

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A creative with a burning passion for branding

Mei Mei Fox for Forbes

“The greatest thing about pursuing a career that has value and meaning is that I don’t have to segment my personality into my ‘work self’ and my ‘out of the office’ self. I can be the same person all the time. I am constantly feeding off of my real-world experiences in my work, and constantly coming up with client ideas in my day-to-day life. I don’t consider my work a chore or a burden, I consider it my passion.”

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