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Adam Padilla knows how to make an impact

Part brand strategist, part creative director, and part disruptive social media personality, Adam’s handiwork is truly embedded in today’s popular culture.  From designing 5X champ Tom Brady’s official TB12 logo to spawning the infamous Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset on his popular Instagram account, Adam has emerged as an industry thought-leader over his 20 years of marketing experience with celebrities, family startups and Fortune 500 luxury brands alike. His first major success was the creation of the Pretzel Crisps brand. Working alongside the founders of the company, Adam developed the brand strategy, name, logo, and iconic packaging for the entire product line. The company eventually sold to Snyder’s of Hanover for over $300mm.

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Adam’s Blog

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A creative with a burning passion for branding

Mei Mei Fox for Forbes

“The greatest thing about pursuing a career that has value and meaning is that I don’t have to segment my personality into my ‘work self’ and my ‘out of the office’ self. I can be the same person all the time. I am constantly feeding off of my real-world experiences in my work, and constantly coming up with client ideas in my day-to-day life. I don’t consider my work a chore or a burden, I consider it my passion.”

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